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Son’s Review

Summary: In this movie all the the characters are cars and they can talk. Lightning McQueen is a famous race car. Lightning McQueen ties with two other cars and they have to do another race a week later in California. While they are driving to California, Lightning falls asleep. When he wakes up, He freaks out and starts driving really fast and hits a nail and ruins the whole road in this town. All the people are upset and make him fix it. The girl who didn't like him starts to like him and Lightning finds a best friend named Mater. When Lightning starts to go to the race all his friends come with him and cheer him on. Lightning was in 1st place but one car got hurt and Lightning decided to help that car then win the race because the town taught him how to be a better person.

Favorite Character: Mater

Favorite Scene: My favorite scene is when Mater and Lighting are going up at night and are scaring everybody. Mater honks his horn and it scares everybody so much that the tractors flip over.

Thing I Would Change: I don't have anything I would change.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Daughter’s Review

Summary: Lighting McQueen is a famous race car. At the beginning of the movie he and another two cars tie in a big race so there will be another race to break the tie. Lightning McQueen is on his way to California. Mack is the big truck that carries Lightning from race to race. Mack fell asleep on accident and a button was pressed and it caused the back of the truck to open and Lightning fell out. When Mack got to California everybody wondered where Lightning was. Lightning ended up on route 66 where he met many other cars. A police car was chasing him because he was going too fast and he destroyed their road. He was sent to the judge and he was ordered to fix the road that he broke. He became friends with a girl car. There is a tow truck named Mater who is really crazy. They really like having Lightning McQueen around but later one of the cars called the people who ran the race in California and Lightning ended up going to the race. In the race, he keeps thinking of the girl car he met at route 66 and he loses the race because he helps another famous race car finish after that car crashed.

Favorite Character: Mater

Favorite Scene: When Mater shows Lightning how to honk and scare the tractors because when they honk, the tractors fall over because they were sleeping.

Thing I Would Change: I would change the scene when Hudson (a car from route 66) got hurt in the crash.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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