Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bugsy Malone


Son’s Review

Summary: This movie takes place in the 1930’s.  All the actors are kids around my age although in the movie they are all playing grown ups.  The movie is about Fat Sam and Dandy Dan, which lead two different groups of gangs.  Fat Sam owns this place called Fat Sam’s Grand Slam Speakeasy.  Dandy Dan wants to take that place over and they fight against each other with pies.  If you get hit with a pie, you are dead.  The movie, like Annie, is a musical.  Fat Sam hires Bugsy Malone to help him win.  Bugsy Malone falls in love with Blousy Brown who is a singer at Fat Sam’s place.

Favorite Character: Bugsy Malone

Favorite Scene: When the guy named Knuckles who works for Fat Sam keeps popping his knuckles and it is driving everyone crazy.

Thing I Would Change: There is a scene when Blousy is trying out for a singing job at another place and the main star there sings.  She was a lousy singer.  I would remove that scene.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Daughter’s Review

Summary: In this movie, all the actors are kids who are pretending to be grown ups. This movie (like Annie) is a musical. Fat Sam owns a speakeasy. There are a lot of girls that sing at his place. There are other people who work for Dandy Dan and they shoot Fat Sam's gang with pies. In this movie, if you get hit with a pie, you die. Fat Sam is trying to figure how to beat Dandy Dan. Bugsy Malone helps Fat Sam to fight Dandy Dan. He is also is falling in love with Blousy Brown who wants to be a singer and a movie star. She and Bugsy fall in love. In the final scene, there is a big pie fight where everybody gets covered in pies but they do not die. In the end, the sing a song and all become friends.

Favorite Character: Bugsy Malone

Favorite Scene: The final scene when everybody is throwing pies at each other.

Thing I Would Change: I did not like it that people died when they got hit with pies.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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